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Real Time Analytics

Using the most recent knowledge technologies like Spark and Hadoop, we tend to serve you build and extend analytics making potency in work.

Managed Services

Experience correct and timely transmission of performance with refined huge knowledge platforms.

Data Warehouse Modernization

Create complicated advancement pipelines and mix multiple sources of information for automata data usage.

Data Pipelining and Engineering Solutions

Engineer knowledge pipelines on greatest platforms like Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, NoSQL and far additional.

Data Lake Services

Save time and efforts by administering data efficiently. Get leverage to your knowledge lake environments with our trusty knowledge lake services.

Big Data Strategy

Place a foundation to long-term success as well as quick output creation with high impact big data strategies.

Business Intelligence

CLOUDGATE provides its clients with new technologies along with business intelligence to facilitate their enterprise solutions. We provide customized BI solutions using PowerBI, Tableau and Quick Sight.

Real Time Analytics

CLOUDGATE facilitates sensible instant access and use of analytical information frequently updated or rested results regarding user events by clients. We use the latest technologies like Spark and Hadoop to help serve you build and extend analytics creating efficiency in work.

Real Time Analytics
Data Pipelining And Engineering Solutions

Data Pipelining And Engineering Solutions

CLOUDGATE preprocesses the period stream information for analysis and image. Data will migrate between databases, share processing logic across internet apps, batch jobs, and APIs. We power your information intake and integration tools replacement batch jobs with period information.

Leverage Your Data On Hadoop, Spark And Mongo DB

Process giant and sophisticated knowledge sets like texts, graphs, batches additionally as period knowledge distributed over an oversized network and win a hundred times quicker process and superior performance with open source frameworks like Hadoop, Spark and databases like MongoDB.