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About Us

CLOUDGATE is an emerging software development company based in Dublin, Ireland. CLOUDGATE offers innovative digital business solutions to organizations in the domain of Hyper Automation (RPA), Cloud computing and Blockchain technology.

CLOUDGATE and its partners, ELectromech Corporation and Ayanworks, have served as one of the world’s leading cloud and open source companies since 1996. We are global AWS advanced partners of Amazon Cloud Consulting Services. We innovate, adopt, experiment, deploy and support the latest AWS cloud technology like AI/ML/DL, Machine Vision, Voice Technology, Container Orchestration, and serverless architecture, to streamline your workload end-to-end.

We are​ a Redhat certified channel and training partner​; we offer Linux-based training and certification; and we focus on emerging blockchain technologies that include platforms like Hyperledger Fabric, Composer, Cello, Explorer, Ethereum, and Corda.

Our expertise in RPA tools such as Blue Prism, UI Path & Automation Anywhere enables us to provide end-end services to design, develop, implement and monitor software robots. Our passionate team of technocrats delivers top value to customers by utilizing the most innovative technology on the market, and consistently adhering to our commitments.

Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Our Mission

At CLOUDGATE, our mission is to offer superior digital business solutions that are affordable and adoptable to organizations in the domain of Hyper Automation (RPA), Cloud computing and Blockchain technology with originality, sincerity, and pride.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continuously provide innovative and cost effective digital solutions using cutting edge technologies to overcome corporate as well as real life challenges.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to our clients’ ever-changing business demands. Our corporate philosophy is to lay emphasis on human values and personal relations.

Our Values


We accept the responsibility, as a team and individuals, for our actions and take obligation for them to reliably deliver the business goals.

Integrity & Ethics

At CLOUDGATE We believe in Honesty and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.


We carefully and persistently work to the highest levels on behalf of our customers, colleagues and our partners.


We treat our customers, colleagues and partners as we, ourselves, expect to be treated

Meet Our Team

Jay Monpara

Co-Founder / CEO

Quick Facts

30+ Employees

3 Global Offices

AWS Consulting Partners

2 Development Center

Business All-Stars Accredited