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Q&A Open Source Development Experts CLOUDGATE Dissect Their Groundbreaking New Automation Analytics Tool

Q&A Open Source Development Experts CLOUDGATE Dissect Their Groundbreaking New Automation Analytics Tool

CLOUDGATE is an emerging software development company based in Dublin, Ireland offering innovative digital business solutions to organisations, SMEs and start ups in the domain of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)& Cloud computing.

Founder and CTO, Jayveersinh Mandora, came to Ireland in 2013, is an RPA expert and has worked with many multinational organisations to develop their automation programs and has delivered 10’s of complex End-to-End RPA solutions.

We asked him about their new Automation Analytics Solution – Eagle INSIGHT.

# Tell us about Eagle INSIGHT?

Eagle INSIGHT is an independent Automation Analytics solution developed by CLOUDGATE. It is a turn-key RPA analytics tool that tracks, measures and analyses the performance of an entire automation program.

# What challenges are you helping your clients solve?

While working in the industry, Jayveersinh experienced many challenges in addressing pre and post automation activities. For instance, the RPA consultants are still using traditional tools like MS Excel, PowerPoint etc to create business cases. Sometimes it takes days and weeks to put together a solid business case to present it to business executives.

There are many other challenges clients are facing such as:
  • How to prioritise the processes for automation?
  • How to find out whether their automation program is inline with organisational goals?
  • How to measure and track the performance of software robots?
  • How to measure and track the business analytics?
  • How to reduce the overall automation cost, improve efficiency and scale up their automation program?
  • How to use data generated by software robots effectively to make data driven business decisions to keep the automation program in the right direction?

# What solution is Eagle INSIGHT offering?

Eagle INSIGHT provides multiple solutions on a single platform. Its Process Vault feature helps the organisations to manage their automation pipeline. They can create a solid Business Case by adding the process in the pipeline. While Business Analytics Dashboard tracks and presents all the financials such as ROI, FTE hours savings, Time Savings, Net Present Value (NPV) etc., for the entire automation program as well as per process business analytics.

Clients can get a KANBAN view of the processes to track the progress of various processes for the automation.

Eagle’s Process Ranking capability helps clients to find the process for automation. It calculates various metrics such as process complexity, process suitability etc based on the data provided by subject matter experts.

There are plenty of other additional features for instance Support Analytics, Bot insights, Operational Analytics, Tiket Management System, Role management and Department wise analytics ets are embedded in the platform. Hence, the clients do not need to buy separate licenses from different software vendors. That itself will save thousands of $s per year for every client.

# Tell us about the response to the new service, Eagle INSIGHT?

The response has been outstanding so far by the RPA community. We are getting extremely positive feedback and suggestions from RPA consultants, RPA developers and business executives specifically on the simplicity of the tool and its attractive user interface and the way it handles pre and post automation activities.

We have released the community version of Eagle INSIGHT on 22nd June, so that anyone can sign up in the tool and start using the plenty of free features we have offered. We have got over 50 sign ups within 24 hours of releasing the community edition.

# What are the unique advantages Eagle INSIGHT has compared to its competitors?

Eagle INSIGHT’s some of the unique features are:
  • It’s an independent/third party analytics solution. I.e, clients do not need to stick to a particular solution based on the technology they used for automation.
  • It is a cloud agnostic platform. It can be deployed on any cloud ( AWS, Azure, etc) as well as on premises as per client’s requirements.
  • The tool is built on API’s, Hence there is no downtime in the production environment for any updates or future releases.
  • Eagle INSIGHT provides many features which other service providers charge separately. Hence, our tool will save thousands of dollars spent on software licences.
  • The tool is built on container based cloud architecture that is a highly secure and scalable application.
  • The tool is built on container based cloud architecture that is a highly secure and scalable application.
  • Eagle INSIGHT serves as a Centre of Excellence for any automation program. There are no similar solutions in the market that provide all the features Eagle INSIGHT has.
  • It is made very simple to use for end-users. They don’t need specific training to start using the tool.

# How do people get in touch with you?

People can contact us through our web sites & Emails to reach us are:

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