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Give Your RPA Programme a Solid Boost with Automation Analytics

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” –Albert Einstein

A well-publicised PwC report projects that by 2030, “smart automation” technologies could contribute up to 14% of global GDP (around 10% to UK GDP). It also believesthat the long-term net effect of automation on the economy will be positive. Thus, despite the above uncomplimentary words from a scientist whose work still drives our modern digital economy,the verdict is in – technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are here to stay.

The benefits of RPA are already well-known: streamlined processes, improvedspeed, productivity and efficiency, fewer errors, and of course – cost savings. However, what is not well-known are the benefits of RPA Analytics– not onlyto improve RPA itself, but also to boost the organisation’s overall business outcomes.

Measure and Analyse RPA Performance vis-à-vis Business Goals

RPA is revolutionising the way businesses of every size, industry and geography approach repeatable, manual or process-driven tasks. Nonetheless, many organisations are unable to extract full value from RPA to drive greater productivity, cost savings, profitability and ultimately, business growth. This is mainly due to a lack of analytical insights into their RPA deployments. In simple terms, they struggle to improvebecause they struggle to measure.

Eagle INSIGHT, a cutting-edge RPA Analytics platform from CLOUDGATE provides immediate visibility into the effectiveness of your RPA programme. It can track, measure, analyse, and forecast the performance of your organisation’s RPA effort, from productivity and utilisation to errors and exceptions. With robust data and critical business intelligence from Eagle INSIGHT, you can get greater visibility into the health of your RPA deployment, understand its impact on your organisation’s bottomline, and judge whether it is helping you meet your business goals.

Make Informed Strategic Decisions Across the Enterprise

A strong RPA Analytics solution provides collaborative dashboards so you can measure and analyse the performance of RPA operations, and also quantify it’sfinancial impact on your processes and workflows.Track utilisation and resource (FTE) savings, visualise RoI, and create business cases to see which processes you need to focus their RPA efforts on. All in all, using such powerful data, multiple key stakeholders and process owners across your enterprise can identify, discuss and align on new areas for RPA deployment. Business leaders can also leverage these metrics to make strategic decisions, say, around further RPA investments, that may impact business outcomes in the short, medium and long term.

Optimise and Scale RPA Deployment

For many organisations, scaling RPA deployments is a huge challenge.And usually, barriers to scalable RPA deployment and adoptionstem from an inadequate understanding of its operational viability and potential. These in turn can be traced to a lack of quantifying metrics that (can) provide a holistic view into these aspects.

A powerful RPA Analytics solutionlike Eagle INSIGHT can empower your organisationand your RPA Centre of Excellence (CoE) to optimise and mature your existing RPA deployment. With its data-driven insights and real-time operational performance statistics, you can even drive other strategic digital transformation initiatives to strengthen your automation-based capabilities, drive intelligent innovation, and thus improve operational, financial and customer-facing outcomes.

Take your RPA Journey to the Next Level with Eagle INSIGHT

Eagle INSIGHT is a turnkey embedded Automation Analytics platform from CLOUDGATE, a fast-growing specialist in RPA solution development, deployment and consulting. Calculate the bottomline impact of your RPA programme, forecast future performance/operational trends, and drive enterprise-wide strategic RPA discussions. Click here for a free trial of Eagle INSIGHT.

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